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Kick start your health……..the next steps!

So after a couple of weeks of nourishing your adrenals and recharging the batteries, you’re hopefully feeling more energised and have a new zest for life.  The combination of more sleep, less caffeine and alcohol and drinking plenty of water each has hopefully released some of the stress and anxiety and you are now thinking… Continue reading Kick start your health……..the next steps!

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Is your Nutribullet making you fat?

The Daily Telegraphs article ‘Is your Nutribullet making you fat’ ( really resonated with me as this is a conversation I have had time and time again when working with clients.  The Nutribullet hit the nation by storm and everyone seemed to be buying, blending and Instagraming their latest concoctions of rainbow coloured drinks and… Continue reading Is your Nutribullet making you fat?

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Cottage Pie….with all the trimmings!

Cottage Pie is a trusty favourite in most households and whilst there are a range of traditional recipes, I have used this classic family favourite as an opportunity to sneak more vegetables and fibre into the family’s diet. If there are any fussy eaters in the house, then this is a winner (I have two… Continue reading Cottage Pie….with all the trimmings!


Buckwheat Porridge with coconut cream

Buckwheat makes such a great alternative to oats if you are looking for a gluten free porridge to start your morning. Not only are they packed with dietary fibre, but they are also a great source of protein which helps provide you will a balanced start to the day.  Just like you would an ordinary… Continue reading Buckwheat Porridge with coconut cream