Healthy eating has been a very personal journey for me. When I started out in the industry I was a fresh faced graduate who knew the difference between healthy and junk, however I was in a different stage of my life and liked to work hard, train hard and party to the small hours!

Over the years, I’ve learnt that I need to treat my body with respect and be a little kinder with how I fuel and nourish myself.  Having suffered with hormonal imbalances and fertility struggles, I’ve learnt that stripping the diet back to the basics and focusing on clean, wholesome, fresh produce is going to help us to feel stronger, perform better and sleep more soundly.

I can offer Nutrition consultations and coaching that will include dietary analysis,7 day meal planning, recipes as well as support with supermarket shopping.  I specialise in weight loss, cholesterol and diabetes management, along with fertility and hormonal imbalance.

Nutritional consultation – £45 for 1 hour

Nutrition follow up – £25 for 30 minutes


Cooking and experimenting with recipes is a bit of a hobby for me, so I will be posting blogs and recipes for you all to try at home.  If you’d like to check out some of my previous recipe posts, please head to