Thank you so much for checking out Move Eat Yoga! Welcome!

I’m Penny and I’m a Berkshire based Yoga Instructor with a passion for food, wellbeing and the outdoors!

With a Sport and Exercise Science background, I now teach part time BTEC Sport Studies within Further Education. I love Triathlon and road cycling and am a member of a wonderfully supportive club which has taken me on many adventures.  I have 2 young girls and a long suffering husband who join me on these adventures and inspire me everyday.

I found Yoga at a time when I really needed to take a step back from the chaos that life can bring, it helps provide balance and calm not only to the body but also to my mind.  It allows me to hit the ‘pause’ button when I need it mentally, but with a love for endurance exercise it provides both perfect recovery as well as pre-hab.

Everybody’s wellbeing is individual to them and I aim to help you feel and function at your very best!

I try to blog when I can and Instagram when I can remember (though I’ll be honest, I’m rubbish when it comes to social media!)

Love and light

Penny X

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