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Protein Coffee Cooler

Summer is officially here when ‘Coffee Coolers’ appear on the menu of certain high street barista chains!  They are such a tasty indulgence and if I’m not careful, I’d have a plastic cup with a straw/spoon permanently attached to my hand throughout the sunshine months (or weeks if you live in the UK)!

After todays training session (3 weeks to go till London Triathlon…eeek!) I really fancied something cool and refreshing but also nourishing and helpful for replenishing the glycogen stores, so with a cooler in mind, I put my trusty Breville Active Blend to good use.  It was creamy and tasty and really did hit the spot.  I felt nicely full and wasn’t ravenous for the rest of the day (which I often can be after a long training session).   Pea or hemp protein powders can be a more natural source of protein if you aren’t keen on soy or whey – alternatively opt for a teaspoon of peanut butter with some hot chocolate powder.


40ml full fat milk (almond or coconut milk can be a good alternative if you are dairy free)

1 tbsp full fat Greek yogurt (coconut or soya yogurt for a dairy free alternative)

3 chopped pitted dates

40g chocolate protein powder

1 mug of coffee (I used instant decaf coffee as I don’t like to drink caffeine after mid day).



  1. Boil the kettle and make a cup of black coffee (approx. 1 tsp of instant coffee) – set aside to cool whilst you prep the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Finely chop the dates and place in the smoothie maker, along with the milk, protein powder, Greek Yogurt and a large handful of ice cubes.
  3. Add the mug of coffee and then blend for 2-3 minutes until the dates and ice cubes are smoothly blended.
  4. In a large glass, add a few more ice-cubes and then pour the mix over the ice before drinking and enjoying 🙂coffee cooler 2

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