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Life’s too short to be ironing tea towels!

My husband sometimes jokes that I’m slowly becoming the wife he always wanted (he’s not a chauvinist, honest!).  I agree, I am slowly but surely conforming and now find myself lost in the supermarket without my list and have developed this new found respect for hoovering (the Shark ‘rocket’ is amazing by the way).  I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a ‘housewife’ but I am softening around the edges and gradually institutionalising into the role of ‘homemaker’ perhaps.  It’s probably not worthy of a Linkdin skill update, though as a part time working mum, a larger proportion of mundane household chores fall on me and I think that’s only fair. 

Now out of all the daily dross that is house work, laundry is probably my pet hate – I feel like I’m on an endless hamster wheel of loading, unloading and hanging out washing!  With 2 adults who exercise 5-6 days a week and a toddler who can’t stay clean for 5 minutes, our dhobi baskets is never empty!  Tiny pants and endless sports socks are the bane of my life and once the buggers are dry you then have the pain staking job of folding it all up and matching the blighters together!  So today whilst commenting on how it was a great day to get my sheets on the line (yes, that’s the cool level of chat I have now) I was asked if I ironed my sheets and tea towels after……..I had to choke back a laugh…….. Hell NO! 

I understand the purpose of ironing and it has been known for our ironing board to make an appearance for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs, however that is purely for aesthetic purposes and the shallow fear of being judged for rocking up in a crumpled dress that hasn’t seen the outside of a wardrobe since 2001.  I fully appreciate the pleasure of getting into clean, crisp and newly ironed bed sheets, but that’s what you go home to your mums for; ours are thrown over a drying rail and folded (almost flat) ready for their next use.  The added starched factor might be missing, but did anyone ever lose sleep over their sheets not being ironed?……I highly doubt it!  And as for tea towels – that makes no logical sense to me, their sole purpose in life is to dry your dishes and once that has been achieved, they will be hung haphazardly over the front of your oven – no one ever walked into a neighbours kitchen and complemented them on their perfectly ironed tea towels EVER!

Now I know some people love to iron, they find it cathartic and it gives them a chance to catch up on their Emmerdale omnibus – if you love it then great, I admire you, in fact I’m even slightly jealous!  However, life is short and therefore we should spend it doing things that bring positivity and joy (and for me ironing sure ain’t that!).  No one is going to judge you for a few creases here or there (and if they do, then they aren’t worth having in your life).  So the next time you procrastinate over your overflowing ironing basket, I challenge you to fold it away nicely in a draw and find something else to do that it going to enrich you and make you laugh……after all life is too short to be ironing tea towels!

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