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Pear and Ginger Loaf

This loaf has the option to be savoury or a little sweeter depending on the occasion or your personal preference.  I was looking for a cake recipe that would allow me to use up some slightly sad looking pears and with lots of very delicious but naughty recipes to choose from, I opted for one that was easily adaptable and allowed for a few ingredient swaps.  When looking for low sugar fruits, pears works really well and the combination with the ginger helps provide some immune boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits.  Cinnamon also adds extra sweetness whilst helping to support insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels (great for anyone with Type 2 Diabetes or sugar cravings).  It’s lovely and moist and works well as a mid-afternoon snack or with some soup at lunchtime.  The recipe below is a slightly more savoury version, however if you have a sweet tooth, I would recommend adding some dates and/ or honey to the mix.


½ sweet potato.

1 large pear

2 balls of stem ginger

50 grams oats

100 grams rye flour

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp baking powder

2 eggs

(optional sweet extras – dates and honey, or if you’d prefer more crunch to your loaf, add a tbsp. of mixed seeds and chopped nuts).


1.       Chop your sweet potato into chunks (leaving the skin on for extra fibre) and roast at 200C for 25 minutes.  

2.       Once its cooked, allow to cool for 10 minutes before placing in a food processor with the chopped pear (leave the skin on for extra fibre) and stem ginger calls.  Blend for a couple of minutes until it forms a smooth paste.

3.       In a clean mixing bowl, add the oats, rye flour, cinnamon and baking powder, all the wet mix from the blender and then crack the eggs into the mix.  Combine thoroughly, before adding the mix to a lined loaf tin.

4.       Turn the oven down to 160C and place the tin on a middle shelf and cook for 50-60 minutes (checking after 50 minutes to see if it’s cooked)

For a sweeter alternative – soak a handful of dates in boiling water whilst the sweet potato cooks.  After 20 minutes, drain the dates and add them to the blender along with the other ingredients.  A tsp of honey will also add some extra sweetness.

Best served warm, either on its own or with a spread of full fat butter.



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