Sweet potato and Date flapjacks

I love flapjacks but one of the problems I have is getting them to bind and not crumble too much – without spoonfuls of sticky syrups and honey it’s hard to keep them moist, however this combination seems to work really well.  Limiting the amount of sugar in our diets can be a real challenge as so many ‘healthy’ foods for kids are still full of sweeteners which do their teeth and overall health no favours.  These are naturally sweet and the oats, nuts, seeds and coconut providing lots of essential fats and protein to help provide a balance of energy.  Keep in an air tight container in the fridge for a week, or freeze and defrost as and when you fancy one – a batch will usually last us a couple of weeks.  I hope you enjoy.

Makes 10-12 flapjacks


1 medium sweet potato

10-12 pitted dates

150g oats

40g desiccated coconut

80g mixed seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame)

80g chopped nuts (walnuts, brazilnuts, almonds, hazelnuts)

  1. Roughly chop the sweet potato (leave the skins on) and bake for 30 minutes until soft. Whilst the sweet potato cooks, soak the pitted dates in boiling water.
  2. Once the sweet potato is cooked transfer to a food processor. Drain the pitted dates (reserving some of the water), and add to the food processor and blend until it forms a smooth paste.
  3. Transfer the sweet potato and date paste into a large mixing bowl and add the remaining dry ingredients (reserve 20g of seeds to sprinkle over the top). Mix with a wooden spoon until all the ingredients are well combined, you may need to add a couple of splashes of the reserved water if the mixture feels too dry.
  4. Transfer the mixture to a lined baking tray and smooth it out evenly, approximately 2cm thick. Scatter the remaining mixed seeds over the top and gently press them into the mix before placing in the pre-heated oven (180C) for 20 minutes.
  5. Remove, allow to cool and enjoy.


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