It’s the small things

Thank you for checking out Move Eat Yoga and Welcome to my first blog post.

It is Sunday night and I’ve just put my daughter to bed. It’s always tempting to pour a glass of wine once the routine of bath, cuddles and story is complete; however tonight I’ve swapped wine for 45 minutes of yoga and it has been a good choice.  We’ve had a lovely weekend of family time, exercise, good food and winter sunshine, but all parents of youngsters will tell you that come 7pm you are exhausted!

Like many family homes, it’s hard to find peace and quiet with the chimes of ‘Ben and Holly’ in the background and whilst my enthusiastic 2 year old likes to join in, she soon loses interest and will be waving crayons and Peppa Pig under my nose whilst I’m trying to hold Down dog!  However tonight I put the heating on in the conservatory, lit an aromatherapy candle and Vinyasa’d to some of my favourite chilled music! Like many, I find it almost impossible to switch off, my mind moves at 100 miles an hour and I’m always writing mental ‘to do’ lists in my head.  Practising Yoga is the one time of the day when I can really switch off and disconnect.  Listening to the rhythm of my breath helps me to focus and with some of my favourite music playing gently in the background it allows me to think of happy and positive times in my life.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind as you iron shirts and make pack lunches for the week ahead, but just allowing myself 45 minutes to breath, move, reflect and appreciate helps to lift that blue cloud.

So as we move into the next working week, what small things will you do to help pull you back into the moment? Maybe take 10 minutes out of your lunch break to sit outside in the fresh air and sunshine (here’s hoping, we are in the UK after all!), read a book in the bath and let your toes goes wrinkly or give your loved ones an extra long cuddle when you get back from work – it’s the small things that can make all the difference.

Have a lovely week every one 🙂

Big Love X

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